Culver Speaks on Resolution Proclaiming Pennsylvania Donate Life Month as Williams, Culver Prep Bill to Benefit Living Organ Donors

HARRISBURG – Today, Sen. Lynda Schlegel Culver (R-27) delivered floor remarks on Senate Resolution 259 that designates April 2024 as “Pennsylvania Donate Life Month.”

“A living donor saved my life,” said Culver. “I am still able to serve because there was a match in my family who was willing to sacrifice a part of themselves. Most patients waiting on a transplant waiting list are not as lucky as I was.”

This resolution comes as Culver and Sen. Lindsey M. Williams (D-38) are working together on legislation to provide support for living organ donors.

“Living donors give their recipients more than just extra time, they give recipients the chance to live a life free of time-consuming, exhausting treatment and free of pain,” said Williams. “I hope this resolution and the accompanying legislation, which will help living donors with expenses associated with organ donation, will encourage more people to consider this life-saving gift.”

The legislation would provide living organ donors with a tax deduction of up to $10,000 on non-reimbursable expenses related to the organ donation, such as travel expenses, lost wages, and more. Currently, Pennsylvania employers are eligible for tax credits for expenses related to an employee’s organ donation, but individual donors are not.

Living donors offer many advantages including better genetic matching and a reduced need for dialysis, but most importantly they save lives.

Watch my floor remarks on SR 259 here.

For more information about becoming a living donor or registered organ donor, please visit

Culver:  Betsy Reichenbach 717-787-8928
Williams: Becky Boyle 412-364-0469

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