Culver, Stender Announce Nearly $18 Million for Wastewater Projects in Danville and Riverside

HARRISBURG – Sen. Lynda Schlegel Culver (R-27) and Rep. Michael Stender (R-108) today announced nearly $18 million in state funding has been awarded for wastewater infrastructure projects in Danville and Riverside boroughs.

“I’m pleased to see these state dollars coming back to our communities to support the construction of important infrastructure projects,” Culver said. “This is an example of the state partnering with local governments to deliver essential services to our communities. Water and wastewater systems need to be maintained and improved, and the commonwealth is providing the financial resources to sustain these local assets.”

The Danville Municipal Authority will receive more than $16.8 million in state funds. The money will be used to replace the authority’s digester mixing equipment; construct a new dewatering building and install new dewatering equipment; reconstruct the Fisher Court pump station and reroute wastewater to a new gravity sewer on Franklin Street; replace 10 manholes, install three new ones and lay approximately 3,300 feet of new sewer line.

The $16.8 million in funding includes a $10.4 million loan and $6.4 million that will not have to be repaid as part of a principal forgiveness package. The loan has a 1% interest rate and will be paid back in approximately 28 years.

“Supporting the funding of these two wastewater construction projects demonstrates the commitment to modernizing infrastructure and ensuring the efficient operations of essential systems,” said Stender. “This funding allocation will graciously help enhance our public services and sustainable development for our community. I’m grateful to have worked with Sen. Culver and ensure this funding comes back home.”

Riverside Borough was awarded a $1 million loan to decommission several problematic residential septic tanks that are causing groundwater and surface water contamination. Wastewater from these properties instead will be rerouted to the existing collection system. New, larger sewer lines will be installed to carry the wastewater.

The 20-year loan has an introductory interest rate of 1% for the first five years and increases to 1.743% for the remainder of the payback period.

Funding for the projects is being provided through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST). PENNVEST is an independent state agency that provides financial assistance for sewer, stormwater and drinking water projects in communities across the commonwealth.

Culver Media Contact: Betsy Reichenbach

Stender Media Contact: Huntre Keip

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