Culver and Senate Republicans Announce Priorities and Principles for 2023-24 Session


HARRISBURG – State Sen. Lynda Schlegel Culver (R-27) joined colleagues today in announcing Senate Republican principles and priorities for the 2023-24 legislative session.

During the current two-year session, legislative efforts will be focused on protecting jobs, empowering families and defending freedoms.

“Today was my first full day as a member of the Senate and I was proud to join my fellow Republican Caucus members to outline an agenda for this session,” Culver said. “Focusing on protecting jobs, empowering families, and limiting the size and reach of government reflects what I have heard the constituents of the 27th Senatorial District want to see from their state government.  With rising costs on everything from eggs to home heating fuel, people need financial security – not state government taking more and more of their hard-earned dollars.” 

Protecting Pennsylvania jobs requires a multifaceted approach that includes ensuring energy independence, promoting workforce development and continued improvement of our infrastructure.

Empowering Pennsylvania families means providing healthy and safe communities, addressing mental and behavioral health needs, and guaranteeing access to high-quality educational opportunities.

For most Pennsylvanians, the idea of defending freedom includes keeping government out of their lives and their pockets as much as possible, while being confident in the process by which they elect those who represent them in government.

This session, Senate Republicans will build on our successful efforts last session that were focused on improving our state’s tax structure; redesigning our state system of higher education to better align degree programs with marketplace needs; modernizing our workforce development laws; creating new tax credits to generate jobs in key economic sectors, particularly manufacturing and agriculture; advancing our broadband, water and transportation infrastructure; supporting mental health services; increasing quality educational opportunities for all children; reducing government regulation; and pushing for more integrity within our election processes.

More information about Culver is available online at Residents can follow her on Facebook at for updates about legislative action in Harrisburg and news in the 27th District.


Media Contact: Sean Moll

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